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doctor looking at x-ray of spine

Back Pain Care

REX Neurosurgery & Spine Specialists offer expert care for back pain and will find the best treatment option for each patient. Our team believes in conservative care, meaning  we are not quick to recommend surgery. We help you look at all of your treatment options and work with other specialists, such as pain management physicians and physical therapists, to create a care plan that gets you the best results.

If surgery is your best option, experienced neurosurgeons perform the procedure, and we use minimally invasive procedures when possible. Our patient navigator is available to guide you from your first appointment, through treatment and on to recovery.  Our patient navigator works to ensure getting the care you need is as easy as possible.

To learn more about our expert, back pain care or schedule an appointment, please call 919.784.1410.

Next Day Appointments Available

Call 919-784-1410 to schedule an appointment.


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